Multi-Commodity Transloading
-Proppants (proppant container compliant)
-Magnesium Chloride
-Calcium Chloride
-Other Products

Proppant Distribution
-Northern White Sands
-Brown Sands

Supply Chain Management
-Dedicated Customer Service Team
-Inventory Management Coordinators
-Real-Time Inventory Management System
-Last Mile Solutions/Management

Terminal Operations
-Proven Ability to Safely and Efficiently Operate
Your Terminal

Wildcat Minerals operates one of the largest independent distributor network for standard and premium frac sands, proppants, and other oil field consumables in the U.S.

Wildcat gives you best in class locations
serving every key unconventional basin in the country, so you get what you need when you need it

Wildcat can readily supply your frac sand demand
with private fleet of railcars

Wildcat’s proprietary inventory management system, WildTrac™, gives you real-time inventory management and supply chain visibility to the well, with railcar tracking, well site inventory, on-track and shrinkage reporting allowing you to lower your overall costs