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The combination of an unequaled level of service and noteworthy products, sets Wildcat Minerals above the rest. We’re fully committed to sustainability through the sourcing and delivery of our products. We only source our products from reputable, environmentally conscious providers who share our commitment to sustainability and our goal of contributing to the health and welfare of every community our products touch.


Make inventory management easy with 24/7/365 online visibility into your inventory, its location tracking, and shrinkage.

With Wildcat you receive access to our proprietary inventory management system—Velocity. Velocity gives you 24/7 online access and insight to manage your inventory from anywhere in the world. Velocity tracks proppant material used in hydraulic fracturing from its origin, all the way through to delivery and use at the wellhead. Velocity was designed to be mobile and iOS friendly to promote data flexibility and availability. Storage locations are also integrated into the system displaying exact inventory levels, capacities, and usage percentages for storage domes, drive thru silos, and warehouses alike.

Velocity lets you dynamically and seamlessly manage your business.

  • Railcars

    Velocity is integrated with Rail Inc., the leader in railcar transportation tracking and reporting, handling all information that is received and processed by all Class 1, 2, and 3 railroads through an automated process.

    More Information:

    Velocity works with RFID Scanners and Walk Down Applications to pinpoint exact car locations and characteristics, allowing end users to see particular car locations and sequencing on our tracks at all times. While rail cars are in motion, Velocity incorporates Car Location Message (CLM) to track characteristics; capacities and loaded weights; exact city and state locations; and down-to-the-minute ETAs.

    Velocity currently handles the following materials: ceramic, resin, and raw proppant for hydraulic fracturing; chemical, liquid, and industrial materials; and empty rail cars at our facilities to be used for trucking material in and out. All waybill data is collected, interpreted, and automatically uploaded into a real-time inventory tracking system for every material carried.

    Velocity also offers automatic calculation of demurrage and storage charges based on rule sets defined in the program. These rates are exactly matched to published servicing railroad tariffs. Velocity accurately calculates profitability and risk of car storage, usage, and circulation with our continuously updated software.

  • Trucking

    Velocity offers live integration with the scales. The moment the truck with your shipment hits the scale, the data is in the system. You can also get near-real-time or real-time release reports, shrinkage reports, and more. Track inbound and outbound truck cycles to increase productivity and reduce wait time in the field.

    Integrating Velocity into your business tools gives you insights to account for inventory during every step of the process; from dispatch, arrival to, and departing from Wildcat facilities, and ending with receipt of proppant at the well site or staging area. Velocity doesn’t just allow you to track your inventory, the software also gives you advance notification from the field in the event a wellhead is delayed, stopped, or operating more efficiently than expected.

    Take advantage of at-a-glance reporting that promotes immediate visibility to delays of inventory movement that can be addressed instantly. Gain the ability to see, evaluate, and monitor the total duration of time trucks are on site at a Wildcat facility currently, transit time to the wellhead, and historical data and production. Reduce and prevent the stagnation or bunching of trucks waiting to be loaded or unloaded at a facility with exact capacity scheduling from the data delivered by Velocity.

  • Billing & Fulfillment

    All bills of lading are generated and accessible in real time in the database. The program also tracks the stages and percentages of completion for all active wellheads.

    Velocity allows for real-time evaluation of proppant usage in basin, proppant needs, and can be used to detect and evaluate trends in the market.

    The bills of lading are captured upon truck arrival and departure times. Our signature application allows for QR codes to be scanned on location for customers, wells, and trucking details. The application is also fully mobile compatible, signatures can be collected without a laptop or PC, reducing loading and production cycles on site. Customer logos and legal MDS verbiage can also be added to all bills of lading with the click of a button.


Reduce staffing needs and keep your inventory moving with transloading services from Wildcat Minerals. Our customers rely on us for oversight of every detail, ensuring smooth, safe, on-time loading, unloading, and delivery to your site.

For an affordable per ton or per barrel fee, the Wildcat Transloading Service is one more way we handle logistics—relieving you of time-consuming tasks and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Frac Sand

Wildcat offers a full line of standard and premium hydraulic fracturing sand to meet your business’ needs. We are at the forefront of fracking technology to ensure that we always supply you with the latest proppants to give you the greatest success.

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